Wrongful Death Issue at Hand in Fire Truck Collision

In a horrific accident a few weeks ago, a fire truck in emergency mode collided violently with a van transporting disabled adults.  The fire truck, lights blaring and siren roaring, was heading northeast on a local street when the van turned onto the same road.  As a result of the high speed collision, two people were seriously injured, and one was killed on impact.  It has not been determined as of yet who was responsible for the accident.
As of now, the two parties are contesting the chain of events leading up to the accident.  Regardless if a fire truck is in emergency mode or not, it is required by law to spot at a red light before proceeding.  The two sides are disputing whether the truck did in fact, stop at the light.  There is also some dispute regarding whether the van moved forward toward the truck when it was not supposed to.
This personal injury case is an example of a wrongful death scenario.  If the fire truck driver is deemed responsible for the accident, and thus claimed negligent, the family of the deceased victim will no doubt file a wrongful death suit, and thus receive compensation from the liable party.  A good personal injury attorney can help in determining the negligent party in any and all accidents.  They can help you seek compensation for your damages while holding the accountable party responsible for their errors, thus obtaining justice.