Strauss-Kahn Under Fire For Alleged Sexual Assault
IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn has recently been accused of raping a maid at New York’s Sofitel Hotel.  But whether the high profile Strauss-Khan is acquitted or convicted, he will most definitely find himself in a civil suit following the criminal charge.  This is important because criminal cases require undeniable proof of an incident, whereas in a civil case, the victim must prove by a preponderance of evidence only, that the assault did in fact happen.
Regardless of the outcome of the criminal case, it seems likely that the victim of the assault will receive compensation for her damages.  It is unclear whether she will try to include the hotel staff or the IMF in her case, which could complicate matters, but certainly up her level of compensation.  A personal injury attorney will no doubt help the victim not only as she seeks compensation for her damages, but as she tries to move forward with her life.
Sexual assault and sexual harassment are serious crimes that leave victims with lasting damages.  The physical injuries can be quite painful, as forced sexual assault can lead to broken bones, fractures etc, but the emotional toll is usually devastating.  Victims have to live with the incident for their entire lives.  This causes loads of emotional stress that might alter a person’s personal or work life.  Such repercussions can be debilitating.  Sexual assault is a serious matter, and it’s only right to let an experienced personal injury attorney guide you through the process as you attempt to move forward with your life.