Justin Bieber Settles Bodyguard Lawsuit One Less Legal Headache

Justin Bieber’s lawyer is clocking more hours than a 7-Eleven — the singer just settled a lawsuit with his pissed off ex-bodyguard … after the man sued him for assault and battery.
As we reported, Moshe Benabou — an ex-Israeli soldier who worked as Bieber’s bodyguard from 2011- 2012 — claimed Bieber berated him and punched him in the chest multiple times after a concert … because Bieber didn’t like the way Benabou handled one of his friends.
Benabou sued for assault and battery — as well as for more than $420,000 in unpaid overtime — demanding unspecified damages.
Now, Justin has settled up — which is definitely a good thing considering his hectic legal schedule these days — 3 outstanding criminal investigations in 2 countries.
Justin Bieber … the hits just keep on coming.
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