H&W Obtains Large Settlement In Motorcycle Accident Case

Motorcycle Accident Case Resolves For Confidential Sum
Our client was motorcyclist who suffered severe injuries when a vehicle pulled out in front of him from a strip mall. The motorcyclist hit the side of the vehicle. He was ejected and flew over the vehicle, landing hard on the pavement. He suffered a compound ankle fracture as well as abrasions and road rash to his legs and knees. The motorcycle itself was destroyed, after sustaining major damage.
Our client was transported by helicopter to a nearby hospital. He was found to have suffered a severe ankle fracture that required surgical repair. We retained a nurse life care planner to evaluate the extent of the injuries and work with his physicians to create a life care plan for Mr. Wiseman. We did that in order to obtain a proper recovery that would give him access to funds to take care of his future health care needs stemming from the accident.
The case recently settled. We wish our client the best of luck in his future.