House Fire Victim Awarded Compensation

A settlement has been reached in the case of an accidental house fire in Los Angeles, California.  The fire, which started in the living room, was determined to be caused by faulty electrical wiring as part of a design defect.  This was only concluded, of course, after the victim sought the help of a personal injury attorney who evaluated the damage and thus helped determine the cause.
A personal injury attorney helped the victim in proving that fault lie with the home construction company.  The company was deemed negligent in their construction, and a settlement was reached, awarding the victim some $190,000 dollars in compensation.
Faulty construction, product defect, manufacturing defect, or design defect can all lead to catastrophic injuries.  A malfunction can cause a severe chain reaction, like a house fire.  A good personal attorney can help you find who should be held accountable in the case of such an accident.  A personal injury attorney can help bring the case to justice, deeming the negligent parties responsible while helping you receive compensation for any damages incurred.