Good Samaritan Gets Restitution After Fatal Encounter

Almost a year ago, Texan Brandon Goodwin was drinking at ‘Green Spot’ bar when a bartender cut him off.  Lovell was heavily intoxicated, and after refusing to the leave the bar, he grabbed another woman’s drink, which he quickly consumed.  Jeff Dodge, bar patron, tried to help the bartender in escorting a drunken Goodwin from the bar.  With Dodge’s help, Goodwin eventually left the bar.
Later, in the parking lot, Dodge was walking with some friends when a car literally ran him down.  It was a drunk and angry Goodwin, behind the wheel, chasing Dodge and his friends.  Goodwin hit Dodge, and grazed his friends, before fleeing the scene.  Dodge was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries.
Just last week, Goodwin was ordered to pay $23,000.00 to Dodge and his family to cover the damages and his medical bills.  Goodwin was also sentenced to a minimum of seventeen years in prison for attempted man slaughter.  He received another sentence for driving while intoxicated.
Encounters or accidents with drivers under the influence can be fatal.  Many victims die every year at the hands of drunk drivers.  And thousands more are left in comas, with brain trauma, broken bones, or critically injuries.  These accidents are catastrophic and most of the time, they are life changing.  If you are the victim of an auto accident, make sure to contact a personal injury attorney at your earliest convenience,   They will guide you through the process of attaining compensation for your injuries while helping you move forward with your life.