Dog Bite Victim Seeks Compensation
Last month, a six year old boy in Elmira, New York, was attacked and seriously injured by a pit bull.  The boy and his family are now seeking compensation for their medical bills and damages.  There is, however, one problem.  Though New York State Law forces dangerous dog owners to require liability insurance of at least $50,000, it seems that with risings costs these days, that figure might not be enough.
Dog attacks can cause serious injuries including fractures and broken bones.  In serious cases, and when younger children are attached, the damages can catastrophic.  Helpless against a dangerous animal, younger victims might incur serious injuries, like brain trauma, in such a vicious attack.  Of course, as hospital bills pile up, the total might rise to more then what a victim is promised.
We should keep in mind also that dog attacks and bites can cause serious life long aftermath in the form of post traumatic stress disorder.  These disorders are extensive and expensive, and they could alter one’s life dramatically.  In the event of a dog attack, you should make sure to contact a personal injury attorney at your earliest convenience.  Experienced  attorneys will help you move forward with your life, making sure you receive full compensation for your internal and external damages.