Determining Liability in a Personal Injury Case

It is important to determine liability is any personal injury case.  The success of any lawsuit lies in determining the liability in a personal injury case.   It is the duty of your legal counsel to establish negligence.  Negligence is a legal term describing the actions of a party who did something they shouldn’t have done, or when someone doesn’t do something they were required to do.
Liability can change in each and every situation.  The process of proving liability involves carefully investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident. This is major issue in your personal injury case and essential to getting a favorable settlement offer.  You can’t sue for damages if you can’t show who’s responsible for your injuries.   If you are unable to show an adjuster that you are likely to win a lawsuit, it is very unlikely to get a fair settlement offer.  Liability is all about establishing who’s responsible for an accident, and understanding how liability applies in different situations can be tricky.