Compensation Awarded To Injured High School Athlete

Kerry Shanaberger, a 15 year old freshman student of West Windsor Plainsboro High School in New Jersey broke her leg last week in an accident during a school softball game.  While sliding into third base, Shanaberger broke her leg.  Her attorneys claimed that the base was installed wrong, and that the third base bag should be set up so it will break away on contact, and not remain as a set post.
Personal injury attorney’s sued the school district for negligence, claiming improper care of the field and the sports equipment.  The school district decided to settle, awarding Shanaberger and her family a large sum in compensation for her injuries.  The exact figure of the settlement has not been publicized.
Accidents at school or in the playground happen quite frequently, but when the injuries are the fault of a party’s negligence, a victim should never have to pay his or her own way through rehabilitation.  Like in the case above, if an accident is the result of another party’s negligence, a victim should contact a personal injury attorney immediately to guide the victim through through recovery.