H&W Files Suit In Case Involving Cement Mixer Crash

On June 25, 2013, our clients were in a van travelling southbound on the I-605 Freeway in Irwindale. Suddenly, a 1998 Peterbilt three axel cement mixer truck careened down the embankment to the on-ramp at Live Oak Avenue. It slid through southbound traffic lanes and into our clients' van. Our clients' were severely injured.

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Bicycle Case Settlement

Our client, a young lady riding a bicycle in a bike lane in Silver Lake, was knocked off of her bike when a driver opened her car door into the bicyclist. The collision threw the bicyclist onto the pavement in the street. She fell hard onto her left elbow. The bicyclist went to the hospital. X-rays revealed a displaced fracture of the olecranon (elbow). Just prior to trial, the defense doubled the offer they made at the mediation and the bicyclist settled her case.

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H&W Settles Case of Rollover on 405 Freeway

Heimanson & Wolf recently represented two individuals who were injured in a car accident on the 405 Freeway in Orange County. Our clients were passengers in a vehicle driven by a young man who was driving erratically on the 405 Freeway. To our clients' surprise, the young man tried to squeeze into the HOV lane and then lost control of his vehicle. The car spun out across the freeway into the guardrail, and then it rolled 2 1/2 times.

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H&W Wins Jury Trial Against Sheraton Universal

Our client attended a Habitat for Humanity event at the Sheraton Universal Hotel. Her brother was being honored for his work for the charity. Prior to the dinner, a reception and silent auction was held. The Hotel set up that reception and silent auction in a driveway behind the hotel, an area otherwise used by delivery trucks for deliveries to the Hotel. The Hotel set up the reception and silent auction in such a way that the Hotel created a bottleneck which congested the 350 guests in an area with a curb. Our client was a guest among a sea of guests, and she did not see the curb. While speaking with another guest, she went off the curb, fell and sustained a fracture of her elbow. The jury determined that the Hotel had acted negligently and awarded our client $100,000 for her pain and suffering. They also found that there was no comparative negligence on her part for the accident.

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H&W Obtains $1.34 M Jury Verdict in Victorville

On March 29, 2013, after 3 years of litigation and a 3 week jury trial in Victorville, California, H&W managed to secure a unanimous, 12-0 verdict, in favor of our client in a complex medical malpractice matter. In trial, H&W successfully established that the defendant cardiologist, Siva Arunasalam, M.D., was negligent in failing to timely treat our client’s ongoing myocardial infarction (heart attack), thereby resulting in avoidable permanent damage to our client’s heart muscle.

H&W Obtains $1.34 M Jury Verdict in Victorville2019-04-05T21:19:22+00:00
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