Real Stories of a Detective Part One

“I work for LAPD in the Robbery Homicide Division in the Special Assault Section where we investigate stranger rapes, serial sexual assaults, unsolved sexual assaults with DNA, and high profile cases. In 2008 John Doe was identified to a 2006 sexual assault case and in 2010 the case was brought to court. He was […]
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Music as Communication

“I started with Jeff Lorber, a famous jazz producer, in 1993. I got my big break with him and became his second engineer ‘work horse.’ I learned so much with him. I was writing songs and delivering them to the lead singer from Toto until he called me, but I met so many great […]
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The Impact of Everyday Decisions

“One of my main goals through my research is learning how to effectively communicate scientific messages to the public and have them understand what it means for a statement to be supported by evidence and science. I want people to make these connections, rather than hearing a quote on the news about the environment […]
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People of the Theater

“Theater is about people, and how we all interact in the world with one another and the stories that we all have, and then tell.  It also makes a difference in people’s lives. People can be entertained, have an emotional response, be inspired.  It is thrilling for me.”
P.S. Los Angeles,
“I got […]
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Abstract Theatrical Design

“In high school I turned my sight towards film making and wanted to get into the production side of creating movies. I soon realized I am not a director; really the only thing I like about movies is how they look. I dedicated my life to studying design.  That put my career on a […]
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The Life of Roadies

“My husband and I have a small business in Palm Desert, but a lot of our lives revolve around our kids and what they are doing. Luke is 13 and Jake is 16, and they are both amazing musicians. We help them set up gigs, carry equipment, perform, film, etc. They have played at a […]
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The Music Connection

I went to a music festival once and I just loved how everyone seemed to connect with each other through music. Complete strangers come together for an artist and become best of friends, and that drew me to DJing. It really is interesting how the most opposites of people can come together and bond just by a guitar riff or the beats of a house track.

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An Important Film

This project was from our hearts, It was not a business deal; we were trying to project a message. If you have family members with Alzheimer, or really any disease, the caregivers have to go through a lot mentally, and we need to appreciate them.

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Definition of Empathy

As human beings, we like to share experiences, which means we like to celebrate together and also suffer together. When we meet other people who have suffered, you connect with them, because you both went through similar experiences. That is the true definition of empathy.

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