Bruce Jenner Sued For Negligence In Crash

Bruce Jenner Car CrashMALIBU—Former Olympian Bruce Jenner has been sued for negligence and wrongful death for his part in a chain-reaction car wreck that claimed the life of an elderly woman in February.
The step-children of Kimberly Howe, the woman killed in the accident, filed the lawsuit against Jenner on Friday, May 1.
The lawsuit states that Jenner was driving at a reckless speed at the time of the crash, and that his negligent behavior caused the death of the 69-year old Howe.
Jenner was the third driver involved in the chain-reaction crash, which took place February 7 on the 26000 block of Pacific coast Highway. After a Prius came to an abrupt stop in a northbound lane, Howe’s white Lexus sedan plowed into the back of the stopped vehicle.
Jenner’s Cadillac Escalade rear-ended Howe’s Lexus, sending her ricocheting into southbound PCH, where she suffered a head-on collision with a Hummer.
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