Brian Stow, Victim Of Los Angeles BallPark Beating
Bryan Stow, the victim of a brutal beating in the parking lot of the opening day baseball game between the San Fransisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers is making a slow but miraculous recovery.  Stow was viciously attacked by three or four men who remain at large.  He was attacked after the game, the first baseball game he had ever attended.
Stow has undergone a multitude of surgeries and has spent the last two months in a medically induced coma.  Recently, Stow opened his eyes, not a sure sign of voluntary movement, but a sign of definite brain activity.  His recent strides have been ahead of schedule and somewhat miraculous, giving doctor’s the okay to transfer him from County USC Medical Center to San Francisco General Hospital so he can be closer to his family and friends.
Assault is a common occurrence, and while usually the injuries sustained are fractures or bone breaks, in some cases, the results can be more fatal.  Savage beatings, like Stow’s, can be life altering.  Unwarranted acts of violence, or savage beatings, in this case, can lead to all kinds of injures including brain trauma, which might leave a victim in a coma.  A good personal injury lawyer understands that a clients needs must be met, and that compensation must be collected from the accountable and negligent perpetrator or instigator.  An experienced personal injury attorney will also help their client receive compensation in the amount of any earnings for time missed at  work because of an injury.  Lastly, a qualified personal injury attorney will allow their client the necessary time to recoup while they deal with paperwork, the insurance companies, etc.