Bicycle Case Settlement

Bicycle Accident Victim Receives Mid Six-Figure Settlement in Bicycle Accident Case
Our client, a young lady riding a bicycle in a bike lane in Silver Lake, was knocked off of her bike when a driver opened her car door into the bicyclist. The collision threw the bicyclist onto the pavement in the street. She fell hard onto her left elbow.
The bicyclist went to the hospital. X-rays revealed a displaced fracture of the olecranon (elbow). She also received care for the road rash she sustained. She was placed in a splint and referred to an orthopedist. Ultimately, the bicyclist underwent surgery in the form of an open reduction internal fixation of the elbow. The surgery was successful but the hardware that secured the elbow eventually became painful. So, she underwent a second surgery to remove the hardware in her elbow.
The case proceeded to mediation. However, the defense refused to make an appropriate offer for this type of injury. We continued to head toward trial. Just prior to trial, the defense doubled the offer they made at the mediation and the bicyclist settled her case.
We at Heimanson & Wolf, LLP represent bicyclists injured in accidents like these in Silver Lake and throughout Los Angeles County. We wish our all the best in her future.