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$600,000 Settlement

Serious Personal Injury, Knee Replacement

A caddie was hit in the back of the leg by a golf cart, driven by a golfer. The incident caused an aggravation of a pre-existing arthritis in the knee, leading to knee replacement […]

$600,000 Settlement2019-04-28T18:20:55+00:00

$450,000 Settlement

Re-flooring Contractor Fails to Place Warnings

Dr. Frank, a cardiothoracic surgeon, was doing rounds one day at a Hospital in Los Angeles. While walking to a patient’s room, Dr. Frank turned the corner and encountered wet cement. His foot […]

$450,000 Settlement2019-04-28T18:18:38+00:00

$450,000 Settlement

Defective Ramp Collapse

Our client Evelyn, a woman in her mid 50’s, rented a home in Whittier, California. When she moved in, the landlord had a carpet company install a ramp at the back door that led to the […]

$450,000 Settlement2019-04-28T18:14:12+00:00

$450,000 Settlement

Car Accident Resulting in Neck Problems

Our client was involved in a car accident in Thousand Oaks. He was struck by an oncoming driver who turned left into his driver’s side door. The impact threw our driver forward into […]

$450,000 Settlement2019-04-28T18:09:00+00:00

$450,000 Verdict

Serious Personal Injury, Shoulder Fracture

A 73-year-old retired teacher was injured when she tripped over an unmarked step in a doorway of a private library on the premises of the Huntington Library, Art Gallery & Botanical Gardens in Pasadena. […]

$450,000 Verdict2019-04-28T18:07:05+00:00

$437,000 Settlement

Semi-Trailer Truck Hits Wheelchair Dependent Pedestrian

Our client, a 57 year old man, was afflicted from birth by spastic cerebral palsy. He was dependent on a motorized wheelchair for all of his mobility needs and required round the clock […]

$437,000 Settlement2019-04-28T18:05:25+00:00

$425,000 Settlement

Serious Personal Injury, Ankle Fracture

A surgeon stepped in unmarked wet cement on the floor of a hospital. He severely injured his ankle, keeping him out of work for an extended period of time. The hospital and flooring company […]

$425,000 Settlement2019-04-28T17:57:58+00:00

$395,000 Verdict

Surgical Error, Medical Malpractice

Our client was told by her doctor that she needed her gall bladder removed. During the operation, the surgeon cut the common bile duct instead of the cystic duct. The error caused a major obstruction […]

$395,000 Verdict2019-04-28T17:56:09+00:00

$350,000 Recovery

Motorist Slams into Bicyclist

It is a Sunday morning, and our client, an experienced and competitive cyclist, and riding to join a group of cyclists on Sunset. He is headed north on Crescent Heights when a motorist, driving a […]

$350,000 Recovery2019-04-28T17:53:45+00:00

$325,000 Settlement

Serious Personal Injury, Foot Crush Injury

Our client was a grip for a studio. While unloading a movie set’s walls from a trailer, the driver of the trailer improperly untied them. The walls cascaded down, crashing onto our client’s […]

$325,000 Settlement2019-04-28T17:49:49+00:00
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