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$1 Million Settlement

Car Accident Causing Our Client’s Car to Flip

Our clients were a very nice couple from Paso Robles who were visiting Orange County to attend their grandchild’s graduation. Driving back to Paso Robles, a driver in a work vehicle […]

$1 Million Settlement2019-04-28T18:58:13+00:00

$1 Million Settlement

Cement Mixer Slides Down Embankment, Crashing into Our Client’s Van

On June 25, 2013, a family and a few of their friends were headed for a day of fun at Universal Studios. But, they never made it to Universal […]

$1 Million Settlement2019-04-28T18:52:35+00:00

$1 Million Recovery

Shuttle Accident

An airport shuttle carrying out client as a passenger lost control on the freeway. The shuttle was in the number 1 lane, travelling at approximately 60 miles per hour. The shuttle driver lost control of the vehicle, […]

$1 Million Recovery2019-04-28T18:47:59+00:00

Confidential Settlement

Cruise Ship Accident

This accident occurred aboard a major cruise line. During the return voyage, the ship heeled onto its side due to faulty wheel commands by the crew. Our client, a passenger aboard the ship, was severely injured […]

Confidential Settlement2019-04-28T18:44:37+00:00

$750,000 Settlement

Surgeon Misidentifies Anatomy and Cuts The Wrong Duct During Gall Bladder Surgery

A young woman in her early 20’s has a history of gallstones. She sees a surgeon who advises her of a surgery that can correct the problem […]

$750,000 Settlement2019-04-28T18:41:18+00:00

$700,000 Settlement

The Case of The Door-To-Nowhere

Our client was attending her granddaughter’s wedding at Limoneira Ranch in Ventura. During the reception, she was inside the “Visitor’s Center” to get warm. She decided to walk outside to watch her granddaughter’s first […]

$700,000 Settlement2019-04-28T18:38:26+00:00

$700,000 Recovery

Severe Leg Fracture

A courier was making a delivery of heavy rolls of aluminum. At his destination, an employee of the receiving company tried to unload the shipment with a pallet jack. The employee lost control of the pallet […]

$700,000 Recovery2019-04-28T18:33:41+00:00

$700,000 Settlement

Car Accident, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

An 18-year-old male was a passenger in a car driven by a high school friend. Due to erratic driving, the vehicle careened off the road and rolled down an embankment. In addition to […]

$700,000 Settlement2019-04-28T18:28:48+00:00

$600,000 Recovery

Rear-End Car Accident

Driving home, our client was hit from the rear by another driver who was not paying attention. At first, our client experienced generalized soreness in his neck. As time progressed, the pain started to travel down […]

$600,000 Recovery2019-04-28T18:26:27+00:00

$600,000 Settlement

Railroad Employee Injury

Our client was a police officer employed by a Railroad. While on patrol and about to conduct surveillance on an approaching train, the officer stopped his vehicle by the side of the road, activated his rear […]

$600,000 Settlement2019-04-28T18:23:54+00:00
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