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Writing to Inspire

“I love to paint, I love music and teaching myself how to play instruments. Just anything in the arts really. I’m writing a screenplay right now and I’ve written six books. I didn’t go to school for it; I barely graduated highschool. I met people through LinkedIn who introduced me to a screenwriter, who […]
Writing to Inspire2021-05-07T01:41:02+00:00

The Beauty of the Aurora

“I started out when I was an undergraduate at UCLA. I was in the Weather Department, which is now Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, and as a freshman I was exposed to upper atmospheric studies. That’s when I learned about the aurora. At my first job in Boulder, I met someone who launched rockets into […]
The Beauty of the Aurora2021-04-29T21:26:55+00:00

A Helping Hand

“I have been a hospice volunteer since 1992.  I visit my patients about once a week. My role as a volunteer is to keep them company so they feel less lonely than they would otherwise. We just hang out. A lot of them are too sick to move much, so I may run errands […]
A Helping Hand2021-04-29T21:08:17+00:00

Caring for Others

“I am an athletic woman who is passionate about my daughter and about the biotech industry where I am a business executive. I am the newly appointed Chief Business Officer of an immuno oncology center. I am working to innovate medicines for serious unmet diseases, looking for a cure for cancer. One of my […]
Caring for Others2021-04-29T20:42:53+00:00

Community in Soccer

“I came to America when I was 15 years old because I wanted a better life for me and my parents. Now I am 38. Similar to a lot of people, I came here illegally. I traveled through all of Mexico to get here. It should have been difficult for me to travel in […]
Community in Soccer2021-04-28T22:42:23+00:00

Excitement in Entrepreneurship

“At 18 years old, my dad and I started a business servicing beverage machines. The business was inspired by my dad who always complained that the beverage companies he worked with had trouble servicing their machines and there was a lack of communication between technicians and restaurants. I came up with the idea of […]
Excitement in Entrepreneurship2021-04-28T22:30:26+00:00

Expression through Running

“Living in New England, exercising outside during the Fall is one of my favorite things to do.  I don’t love the rolling hills but I do love the smell and beautiful colors of the falling leaves. I’ve been running and biking for more than twenty years. For me, this time is a moving meditation […]
Expression through Running2021-04-28T22:19:45+00:00

Connection through Cooking

“Ever since I was little I always enjoyed cooking. When I was eight, I took a year and traveled with my family throughout Europe and South America. Every place I went to I would cook with a local and try to replicate the native dishes. I got really into different cuisines and it just […]
Connection through Cooking2021-04-21T00:33:23+00:00

Laughter Brightens the World

“I was watching Saturday Night Live with my family in eighth grade, and for the next two years I religiously listened to comedy podcasts on Pandora. Early sophomore year I realised it was what I wanted to do. I did an open mic in downtown Boise and kept returning until I found more opportunities. […]
Laughter Brightens the World2021-04-21T00:14:13+00:00

Real Stories of a Detective Part Two

“This case had two little twists to it. The first was this. Jane Doe’s case went to trial in a public courtroom and there were a group of California State University, Northridge students from a journalism program there listening. Three days after John Doe was found guilty, one student reached out to me and […]
Real Stories of a Detective Part Two2021-04-07T18:24:03+00:00
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