American Apparel CEO sued again, this time accused of choking, verbally abusing store manager

Controversial CEO Dov Charney is no stranger to such allegations – past accusations of sexual and verbal harassment against him have mostly been settled out of court.
There’s more legal trouble for American Apparel CEO Dov Charney.
A former employee has filed a lawsuit against Charney saying he was subjected to homophobic slurs and had dirt rubbed in his face while on the job. At one point, Michael Bumblis claims he was choked by Charney “with both hands.”
Bumblis, of Inglewood Calif., said he was fired in July 2012 after three years with the company for complaining about Charney through internal channels, according to documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.
The trouble began in April, when Charney accused Bumblis of working for a rival company.
According to the suit, Charney called the Malibu store and unleashed a verbal tirade against 24-year-old Bumblis, saying “you’re an f–g long-haired wannabe Jew!”
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