Acclaimed Actress Sued In Car Accident
Dreama Walker, star of ‘The Good Wife’ and former star of ‘Gossip Girl’ was involved in an accident in a rental car in March.  Allegedly Walker drove her rental car into another vehicle, causing major damages to the innocent party’s car as well as serious injuries to the other driver. 
 Walker is now being sued for medical bills, car repair bills, and loss of earnings.  The lawsuit, filed in L.A. Superior Court claims the victim has incurred some serious injuries at the hands of Walker, the negligible driver.  Walker has yet to respond to comments or accusations in relation to the accident or the lawsuit.
Car accidents can lead to all kinds of injuries.  Minor accidents can cause fractures, broken bones, and even spine or disc injury.  In the case of larger automobile accidents, injuries can be catastrophic.  Victims can incur brain trauma and even paralysis.  Aside from personal injuries, accidents usually lead to car damage and huge repair bills.  These bills, as well as potential earnings lost because of an injury can be compensated for if you are assisted by the right personal injury attorney.  Heimanson & Wolf has dealt with countless car accidents in which our clients have received full compensation for their injuries, their car bills, and their potential lost earnings.  Whether you are in an accident with a famous actress or an average joe, Heimanson & Wolf can help you in attaining the compensation you deserve.