People of the Theater

“Theater is about people, and how we all interact in the world with one another and the stories that we all have, and then tell.  It also makes a difference in people’s lives. People can be entertained, have an emotional response, be inspired.  It is thrilling for me.”
P.S. Los Angeles,
“I got […]
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Abstract Theatrical Design

“In high school I turned my sight towards film making and wanted to get into the production side of creating movies. I soon realized I am not a director; really the only thing I like about movies is how they look. I dedicated my life to studying design.  That put my career on a […]
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The Life of Roadies

“My husband and I have a small business in Palm Desert, but a lot of our lives revolve around our kids and what they are doing. Luke is 13 and Jake is 16, and they are both amazing musicians. We help them set up gigs, carry equipment, perform, film, etc. They have played at a […]
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