The Music Connection

I went to a music festival once and I just loved how everyone seemed to connect with each other through music. Complete strangers come together for an artist and become best of friends, and that drew me to DJing. It really is interesting how the most opposites of people can come together and bond just by a guitar riff or the beats of a house track.

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An Important Film

This project was from our hearts, It was not a business deal; we were trying to project a message. If you have family members with Alzheimer, or really any disease, the caregivers have to go through a lot mentally, and we need to appreciate them.

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Definition of Empathy

As human beings, we like to share experiences, which means we like to celebrate together and also suffer together. When we meet other people who have suffered, you connect with them, because you both went through similar experiences. That is the true definition of empathy.

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