H&W Wins Jury Trial Against Sheraton Universal

Our client attended a Habitat for Humanity event at the Sheraton Universal Hotel. Her brother was being honored for his work for the charity. Prior to the dinner, a reception and silent auction was held. The Hotel set up that reception and silent auction in a driveway behind the hotel, an area otherwise used by delivery trucks for deliveries to the Hotel. The Hotel set up the reception and silent auction in such a way that the Hotel created a bottleneck which congested the 350 guests in an area with a curb. Our client was a guest among a sea of guests, and she did not see the curb. While speaking with another guest, she went off the curb, fell and sustained a fracture of her elbow. The jury determined that the Hotel had acted negligently and awarded our client $100,000 for her pain and suffering. They also found that there was no comparative negligence on her part for the accident.

H&W Wins Jury Trial Against Sheraton Universal2019-04-05T21:18:38+00:00
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