Heimanson & Wolf, LLP

Product Liability

Each day in Los Angeles and in other cities across the Country, consumers use products that have been designed and manufactured by large corporations.  Consumers expect that these products will be safe to use, and they expect that, if there are risks involved in using the products, warnings of the dangers will be identified.  Unfortunately, at times, these consumer expectations are not met, and a product’s design or manufacture is defective.  When that happens, the user of a product can sustain serious injuries, including amputations, burns, brain and head injuries, fractures, and spine and back injuries.

Strict Product Liability

Under product liability law in California, the emphasis is placed upon making product manufacturers pay for injuries caused by defects in their products.  As a result, consumers do not need to prove that a manufacturer was negligent; they need only show the following:

This type of liability that does not rely upon proof of negligence is called strict product liability.

Experience and Resources

We at Heimanson & Wolf, LLP have extensive experience handling cases in Southern California and Los Angeles involving defects in the design and manufacture of products.  We have represented clients in cases involving defectively designed vehicles, defective trucks and equipment including liftgates, and defective household items like glass vases.  We have the resources necessary to hire the experts in areas like failure analysis, metallurgy, and accident reconstruction that are crucial to the proper handling of a product liability case.