“All I hear is people complaining about their contractors. Most of these companies prioritize volume over quality. I take time on my work and I’m not in a rush. I want a network of people that do quality work so that when someone says, “Hey do you know someone?”, I have a whole list of people who do great work that I can refer them to. Quality is more important than quantity. Always put your dedication first and make sure you love what you do.”
P.S. Los Angeles,
“I haven’t done carpet cleaning in a year because I tore my rotator cuff. I originally got interested in it because of this guy in my first Marine Corps unit. The Marine Corps has been a big part of my life and has given me a lot of my current morals. It’s why I’m so grateful for life. If you think something is bad, it’s nothing like a combat zone. Through my experiences, I’ve learned that connecting with people is important. Building a strong network with other individuals is the key to success.”