“I have always championed the causes of equality for women, particularly in the workplace, having experienced the ‘glass ceiling’ in the music biz and then starting my own promotion company. I find strong, intelligent women most often on my Board of Directors, and to watch them manage the financial management and maintenance for millions of dollars in budgets is awesome. I chose a career first over parenthood, which was considered shocking in my day. But I am happily entrenched in the lives of my fur children, two dogs and a cat, and enjoy the dog park and lazy weekend afternoons in the garden.”
P.S. Los Angeles,
“I started my working career in historical restoration, transitioned to the music industry, and now am a portfolio manager of homeowner associations. Throughout my career path, it is evident that the relationships I form with people are paramount to success in life, personally, emotionally and professionally. I have lifelong friends and new friends in my clients.”