“After my accident, I started challenging myself and this led to being in the gym at least five days a week. Now, I’m a competitive strongman athlete. I’ve won a National Title as America’s Strongest Adaptive Man as well as World’s Strongest Disabled Man, along with two international Arnold Classic titles as Champion Strongman. I now compete in able-bodied strongman competitions, regardless of my prosthetic. It’s more than just working out in the gym. It involves extreme weights and multiple planes of movement. You never know exactly what the competition and events are going to be. I found my drive and my passion, and now I own a gym where we specialize in personalized training, mostly strength movements and strongman competitions.”
P.S. Los Angeles,
“I had been an athlete my entire life. After I had my leg amputated, I needed to find an outlet and prove to myself and other people that regardless of an obstacle, with the right mindset, you can achieve anything and overcome any setback.”