“Growing up in a small Northern California town, football was all that I knew. It was great in the moment, but eventually, I had to decide where to attend college – and leaving home was implicitly terrifying. However, I followed my gut, took the leap of faith, and decided to play quarterback at Moorpark College in Ventura County. There was definitely an adaption period, but eventually, I would grow to love my new friends and the LA area. While my playing days would inevitably conclude, my decision to follow my dream became a platform for my future ambitions. It defined who I am, what I like to do, and even inspired my professional career path.”
P.S. Los Angeles,
“When taking a step back and looking at the 18-year-old senior that I was, I’m glad I made the decision to follow my passion. I had no clue it would lead to opportunities outside of simply playing football. Today, I am as excited as ever to continue building positive relationships, chasing my dreams, and enjoying my life here in Southern California.”