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Motorcycle Accidents

Severe Injuries From Motorcycle Accidents

Each year in Los Angeles and in Southern California, motorcycle accidents result in fatalities and severe injuries to motorcyclists.  The motorcyclist is generally at the mercy of large vehicles and trucks on the road which significantly outweigh the motorcyclists.  Even with proper protection such as a helmet and adequate clothing on the rider’s arms and legs, motorcyclists will suffer severe and sometimes life-altering injuries when they are thrown from their motorcycles.


These injuries include:
Holding The Responsible Person Accountable

Oftentimes, these motorcycle accidents are caused because of the erratic driving by motorists on the road.  The roads and freeways in Los Angeles and Southern California have become more congested, and drivers are impatient.  Although the conduct of these drivers is usually unintentional, they should bear responsibility and be held accountable for the injuries they cause to motorcyclists.

Motorcycle accidents also result from unsafe road conditions.  Hazardous roadway design can place motorcyclists in jeopardy.  Severe injuries befall motorcyclists when they do not recognize a hidden trap in the roadway.  These hidden traps occur because of faulty street design, improper stop light phasing, and the lack of proper signage.

We at Heimanson & Wolf, LLP recognize the complexities involved when handling motorcycle accident cases.  It is important to have attorneys who understand that each case is different and that special attention must be paid to the client to ensure that the client is properly represented so that he or she can achieve full justice.