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Spine and Disc Injuries

The Structure of the Spine

The spinal column provides stability when we stand, and it allows for flexibility when we bend, stretch or sit. With its versatility comes vulnerability. Injuries can occur to the bones in the spine, the ligaments that connect the bones and the discs which separate the vertebral bodies. The spine is made up of the following:

The bones of the spine are connected by fibrous ligaments which can stretch or tear in an accident, resulting in back or neck pain. Additionally, there are discs between the vertebrae. These discs act as shock absorbers. They are comprised of fibrous layers called annulus which surround a gel substance known as the nucleus pulposus.

Injuries to the Spine and Discogenic Pain

Accidents can cause various types of injuries to the spine. These range from fractures to the vertebral bodies to herniations of the discs. When a disc herniates, the disc can rupture and the gel-like substance inside the disc can leak out of the disc and into the spinal canal. This causes severe pain and often results in surgery. Often accident victims who suffer disc injuries will experience pain in their spine as well as radiating pain and numbness into their arms or legs. At its most severe, spine injuries can result in paralysis including paraplegia and quadriplegia.

Treatment for these injuries include:
Compensation for Spine and Disc Injuries

We at Heimanson & Wolf, LLP seek to ensure that our clients obtain full compensation for the spine and disc injuries they sustain in accidents. We work with our clients and their physicians so that we obtain compensation for our clients’ past and future medical needs as well as their pain and suffering. We retain experts in areas such as certified life care planners and economists to properly evaluate the full extent of the damages.