Heimanson & Wolf, LLP

Elder Abuse

In today’s world, people live longer than ever before. Our senior citizens deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Unfortunately, some corporations and individuals in our society believe they can profiteer off of seniors, hoping that they will not be caught in the process.

Culprits can appear in the form of financial advisers, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and home health care workers. We at Heimanson & Wolf fight to protect seniors from these types of elder abuse and physical neglect.

Physical Abuse in Nursing Homes and Assisted Care Facilities

Taking care of senior citizens has become big business. Numerous nursing homes and assisted care facilities have opened in recent years. All too often, they are run by corporations more concerned about the bottom line than in taking care of the seniors who reside there. Serious harm can come to residents who are the victims of neglect due to faulty hiring, improper supervision, and inadequate training.

As a result of this neglect, seniors often suffer from bed sores, ulcers, and potentially loss of life. Failure to supervise can result in unnecessary falls and broken bones. In addition, some seniors suffer from malnutrition because of inadequate training and neglect.

Nursing homes that are found liable for neglecting their seniors can be liable for both attorney’s fees and punitive damages depending upon the facts of the case.

Financial Elder Abuse

The law recognizes that elder abuse can occur without any physical harm. Seniors may be tricked or manipulated into buying products they do not need or investing in stocks and other securities that are harmful to them. This occurs because some culprits take advantage of seniors and prey on moments of fear, confusion or transition.

All too often, financial advisors get seniors into investments that are too aggressive. Mortgage companies will convince some seniors to refinance their homes promising them quick cash but sticking them with dangerous loans.

At Heimanson & Wolf, we believe financial abuse is just as serious as physical abuse, and justice requires that perpetrators repay what they have stolen.