$6 Million Settlement

Collision on the Freeway

A young lady was driving to a baby-sitting job when she was struck by a truck driven by an employee of a large construction corporation. The truck slammed into her car on the freeway. Remarkably, […]

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$4.5 Million Verdict

Mid-Air Collision at Torrance Airport

Our client, a 22 year old Marine and Iraq war veteran was on a pilot-training exercise at Torrance Municipal Airport when his Robinson helicopter collided in midair with another helicopter. Our client was in […]

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$3.8 Million Verdict

Bakersfield Jury Slams Jack in The Box With $3.8 Million Verdict

Our client stopped at Jack in the Box in Lebec, California during a trip to Northern California. She was standing near the soda machine when a Jack in […]

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$3.8 Million Verdict


We represented a doctor who owned a piece of property in Yorba Linda, California. Congero Development, Inc., a surgery center developer, promised to develop the property into a medical building and surgical center. The doctor entrusted Congero with […]

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$3.3 Million Verdict

Construction Accident, Lower Back Disc Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

A 53-year-old cement mason was injured in the collapse of a 4-million gallon digester tank in the middle of a construction site. Our client managed to escape the […]

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$2.16 Million Settlement

Alignment Rack Falls Off of a Dolly Causing Deadly Accident

Our client, a newly wed, lost her 30 year old husband, a service writer for an auto dealership, when an alignment rack fell off of a dolly during delivery. […]

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$2.0 Million Verdict

Car Accident, Wrongful Death

Our clients’ son, an 18-year-old college student, was stranded on the freeway when his car spun out in the rain and stalled in one of the lanes of traffic. While our clients’ son waited in […]

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$1.5 Million Recovery

Collision with a Semi-trailer, Foggy Road Conditions

Our clients were members of a band on a US road tour when their tour bus was involved in a collision with a semi-trailer due to foggy road conditions.  We […]

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$1.34 Million Verdict

H&W Obtains Jury Verdict Of $1.34 Million In Victorville

On March 29, 2013, after 3 years of litigation and a 3 week jury trial in Victorville, California, H&W managed to secure a unanimous, 12-0 verdict, in favor of our […]

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$1.3 Million Recovery

Serious Car Accident

Our client, a very nice young man, is involved in a serious car accident. The other driver is working for a local government agency at the time. Our client braces for impact and suffers severe injuries […]

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