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Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

When Bicycle Accidents Occur

When bike accidents occur in Los Angeles or other cities in Southern California, they generally result from an impact with a car.  The severity of the injuries to the bicyclist will depend upon a number of factors including the speed of the vehicle and bicycle, the nature of the safety gear worn by the bicyclist, and the manner in which the bicyclist impacts into the pavement.  Even at slower speeds, bicyclists can sustain severe injuries.  These bike accidents are quite common in congested cities like Los Angeles.

Seek Medical Attention

The type of injuries that result from bike accidents include head and brain injuries, internal injuries, neck and back injuries, and severe compound and comminuted fractures.  It is important to immediately seek medical attention.  Many of these injuries are best treated soon after the accident.  If you have health insurance, do not be afraid to use it to ensure that you are obtaining the best medical care available.

Representing Bicyclists After Accidents

Heimanson & Wolf, LLP has represented individuals who have been victims of serious injuries resulting from bicycle accidents.  We are well equipped to handle the defenses often raised by insurance companies and defense attorneys against the injured bicyclists.  And, we recognize that victims of bicycle accidents often have emotional injuries as well that flow from their physical injuries.  We strive to recover for the full extent of our clients’ injuries sustained in this bike accidents.