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Exercising: A Moving Meditation

“Living in New England, exercising outside during the Fall is one of my favorite things to do. I don’t love the rolling hills but I do love the smell and beautiful colors of the falling leaves. I’ve been running and biking for more than twenty years. For me, this time is a moving […]

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Father-Daughter Entrepreneurs

“At 18 years old, my dad and I started a business servicing beverage machines. The business was inspired by my dad who always complained that the beverage companies he worked with had trouble servicing their machines and there was a lack of communication between technicians and restaurants. I came up with the idea of […]

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The Magic of Philanthropy

“I have been a hospice volunteer since 1992. I visit my patients about once a week. My role as a volunteer is to keep them company so they feel less lonely than they would otherwise. We just hang out. A lot of them are too sick to move much, so I may run errands […]

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Super Mom on the Search to Cure Cancer

“I am an athletic woman who is passionate about my daughter and about the bio-tech industry where I am a business executive. I am the newly appointed Chief Business Officer of an immuno-oncology center. I am working to innovate medicines for serious unmet diseases, looking for a cure for cancer. One of my passions […]

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$6 Million Settlement

Collision on the Freeway

A young lady was driving to a baby-sitting job when she was struck by a truck driven by an employee of a large construction corporation. The truck slammed into her car on the freeway. Remarkably, […]

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PS. Real Stories of a Detective Part Three

“In 2010 I got another DNA hit on that same John Doe for a sexual assault case in 2005. The city of LA is too big so there weren’t enough analysts which resulted in 5000 rape kits that weren’t run through the system, the 2005 case being one of them. There were no protocols […]

PS. Real Stories of a Detective Part Three2020-05-07T17:14:11+00:00

P.S. Real Stories of a Detective Part Two

“This case had two little twists to it. The first was this. Jane Doe’s case went to trial in a public courtroom and there were a group of California State University, Northridge students from a journalism program there listening. Three days after John Doe was found guilty, one student reached out to me and […]

P.S. Real Stories of a Detective Part Two2020-01-29T22:26:03+00:00

P.S. Real Stories of a Detective Part One

“I work for LAPD in the Robbery Homicide Division in the Special Assault Section where we investigate stranger rapes, serial sexual assaults, unsolved sexual assaults with DNA, and high profile cases. In 2008 John Doe was identified to a 2006 sexual assault case and in 2010 the case was brought to court. He was […]

P.S. Real Stories of a Detective Part One2020-01-22T22:07:48+00:00

P.S. Finding the Art in Fashion

“I have been a fashion designer for 20 years. I was a senior designer at Forever 21 and then became a head buyer for 5 years. My favorite part about being a fashion designer/buyer is that the industry is always changing. You are never bored. I don’t like repetitive work and trends are always […]

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